Fundamentals of Routesetting

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Long has our sport been lacking a written reference to help teach and standardize routesetting activities. In 2004, the Art of Coursesetting was written to meet that need. This new edition has been updated to reflect the changes in our industry since that time. A brief overview of all relevant topics is offered, with enough detail to educate and get setters started, but leaving plenty of room for individual creativity and implementation.

Scott Rennak (founder of the popular American Bouldering Series - ABS) has put together an informative section on competition organization, management and formatting options. This wisdom is the culmination of hundreds of successful competitions and offers the insight necessary to make you even tall that it can be.

Also included are topical essays from several premier routesetters from North America and beyond, including: Molly Beard, Matt Bosley, Ward Byrum, Chris Danielson, Jacky Godoffe, Jackie Hueftle, Tonde Katiyo, Moses Potter, Tyson Schoene, and Pete Ward

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