Changes are Coming!

Element Climbing 2019

The New Year is a time for shaping up and making changes in life! We are not different here at Element. Starting in March of 2019 our shapes will be made at Aragon Elastomers, the world’s premier Climbing Hold manufacturer! Our goal is to give you top notch quality holds at a reasonable price, so please bear with us as we make this transition and excuse our dust while we move to our new facility. Please email us with any inquiries or call and leave a message so one of our team can get back to you!

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Call: 877.735.3636

Aragon Elastomers
Aragon is the only true polyurethane manufacturer that has found a niche in the climbing hold industry. With expertise in specialized polyurethanes and customized manufacturing, Aragon has been developing the world’s strongest most reliable holds since 2002. The industry and gyms know that they can rely on Aragon manufactured holds to be the best: never breaking and maintaining their grip longer than any other hold. Aragon has partnered with the premier hold brands in the US and Europe to grow the climbing hold industry and create a superior product for all climbers. With their brands, Aragon manufactures 90% of the climbing holds in the USA.

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