PPE for COVID-19

Liquid Hand Sanitizer & Daily Civilian Masks

element ppe liquid hand sanitizer daily disposable masks

In light of the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, Element has Liquid Hand Sanitizer and Daily Civilian Masks available ready to ship.

Guardian Liquid Hand Sanitizer is 80% alcohol and meets the recommended formula by the CDC, WHO, & FDA* to address COVID-19 and refill your empty sanitizer bottles.  The sanitizer is made in US-based, FDA and EPA registered facilities from corn ethanol farmed in Iowa. Gallons are available on our webstore, but bulk quantities in pails, drums, totes, and truckloads are also available.  Contact Guardian for a bulk quote on sanitizer. 

In April, the CDC recommended the use of a mask when out in public.  We were also able to secure 1.5 million Daily Civilian Masks from an FDA registered facility.  These masks are 3 Ply, non-woven, disposable masks, with a Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) rating of 99%.