Core™ Slopers

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SKU: CH_CORE_SLOPERS Color Option Large Slopers X-Large

Five large - x-large "Fontainbleau" inspired slopers. A generous, smooth radius into the main gripping surface ensures hours of hard tugging without having to sacrifice any skin. An instant classic.

Recommended Applications

Positive 15 Degree Vertical Negative 15 Degree Negative 30 Degree Negative 45 Degree Roof


  • Next generation polyurethane
  • Lifetime guarantee against breakage
  • Skin-friendly, durable texture
  • Super strong, lightweight polyurethane
  • Requires 3/8" Standard Head Socket Cap Screws
  • Requires #8 Phillips Head Screws
  • Requires 5/16" allen wrench
  • Number of holds included: 5
  • Average diameter: 7" - 8"
  • Approximate difficulty level: Advanced

Made by Aragon in the U.S.A.